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it's the gallery of all the things next gen(neon striker darkness saria clover and hanket and more)enjoy and if you can join the group!!

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if your going to come here please follow these rules to ensure i can trust you.

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things a like or are inspired by u people have talent


New and Improved by MetroZer00

You want a critique well let me be the first to do so. i don't sugar coat, so get ready.... so first of all....WELCOME BACK xD so what ...

I don't know what's going on by BACONBLOODSTRIKE

since you want one i will give one be aware that i do not sugar coat first of all i like this type of art style,it's clean and very int...

Everyone fails by Gabriel-black-cat

i like this,i can't say much about it though. vision: well it's obvious where this comes from, this i from the song that you obviously ...


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name? none of your business
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a anime artist developing his own manga in process, i hope we can become friends.

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I never wanted to do commissions because i never felt comfortable getting money for drawing but i might as well start something.

The prices won't start high an won't raise higher than 100:points:

Journal History


Happy birthday bro by neonthehedgehog123
Happy birthday bro

Worlds most interesting man: I don't always draw sonic characters but when I do, it's for a friend. Happy birthday nigga \(°v°\) maybe I'll color it one day.
sketch dump designs by neonthehedgehog123
sketch dump designs
Just drawing some cross designs, I figure I needed to do it sometime, so how do they look? Some I didn't go fully into detail with.
Kevin n. cholins(comment b4 fave) by neonthehedgehog123
Kevin n. cholins(comment b4 fave)
(update added ARC names, still adding)( updated version neonthehedgehog123.deviantart.… )

"Fate is more than dreams, so save reality first."

-Kevin n. Cholins

Name: kevin n. Cholins (pronounced- collins)


- "Dummy"

- The red head

- sociopath

- kev

- nevlyn

- mama's boy

- Abaddon

- colon

- chlorine

- coemgein

Sex: male

Age: 15-16 (will progress)

Height: (current) 5'6

Weight: 154

Sexual orientation: demisexual 

Morality: neutral


Herald cholins(father)

Nevina  "Bàirseach" Aerion(mother)

Ramsey jackson(foster father)

Erika jackson(foster mother)

Kimberly brooks(foster step mother)


Noel o. Cholins(little sister)

Karen jackson(step sister)

Owen m. cholins(older brother)


Kevin is a young japanese irish boy, the middle child of a scientist Herald cholins and Nevina Aerion.
He grew up in a city called innovation city, a city filled with high class technology built for providing a better future for the globaly damaged earth in the year 2054.
Do to a falling out for the revolutionary genome "The lazarus" kevin and his sister are put in the hands of DCF members and are adopted by a low income family.

Kevin currently goes to ascension high as a regular highschooler little does he know it his life will become quite abnormal.


Kevin is a difficult person to put your finger on, as he currently doesn't  like alot of attention and can be unnecessarily harsh or even violent to those who don't currently know him giving him a rather nasty reputation at school with bullies and making friends and considering he's redheaded with wacky eyes it doesn't help his case. Although people that do know him recall him having a heart of gold And always attempting to do the right thing.

Kevin is a more compassionate person with people he cares for and is extremely loyal to those that are his friends as he sees them as irreplaceable, touch them and kevin will beat you within a inch of you're times going to extreme levels to prove a point,levels that not even the person he defends is comfortable with.

Kevin suffers from a complex that at very crucial times give him the "tin man" effect and he will do anything to overcome his foe at the given moment. Making kevin a very moralistic sociopathic type of person to those he care little for. Anything immoral will get you hurt BEYOND belief, which begs the question.

"Is kevin really doing this for others?"



Clover v. Flower:

maybe kevins closest friend as they were childhood friends from the begining,they're parents were in cooperation with each other and it takes off from there.
They have a very weird friendship as to others they seem a bit TOO close As when they are together its like they are attached at the hip but neither tries to make a move on each other and whenever confronted with the question by school mates they deny it immediately saying "it's just genuine care"
She isn't close to kevins circle of friends
But even they see there is tension between the two,that is obvious.

Tatsuki gemini:

Kevin's childhood bully, she was the one who harassed him in tae qwon do when he was learning to protect himself from bullies unfortunately thanks to her he never learned. Erika jackson always said it was because she liked him.
Tatsuki, after Erika's accident, was the one to unfortunately cheer kevin up. As they have similarities in motivation. The dragon will rival the tiger.
Now a days after a sequence of events tatsuki is the primary reason kevin hasn't dropped out of school,the reason why is complicated.
Kevin is probably the most emotional around her.

Tyson fellon:

Kevin's buddy, they're personalites clash in a good way as both of their inconsistencies persuades the other to be better and help each other althouh tyson is more popular with the girls it seems as though tyson gains popularity by hanging with the "redheaded psycho "
Although he means no harm his antics seem to get kevin in a lot of trouble.
Tyson isn't as stupid as he leads on, able to rival kevin in core subjects and even physically.

Xiomori hikari:

Tatsuki's energetic friend, interested in supernatural occurrence and cults and fanfiction she is maybe the weirdest in this circle.
She and kevin don't have much of a strong relationship but kevin does seem to get along with her well, she often calls him colin(like the bowel) and chlorine(chemical) because of how his last name is spelled,it's been a running gag of hers.
Kevin does recall to have seen her before but he can't ever remember where.


Kevin has a weird connection with mothers throughout the series.

Kevin's right arm can shatter ANY Supernatural aberration(i can not stress any any further) this is very unusual indeed.
Lazarus Arc- Kevin is attacked by the roman catholic church, he faces monsters that go beyond comprehension and find out that he's very important to the end of world war III.

SileoTebel Arc- ???

WhiteLies Arc- ???

Vermilion Arc- ???

Fakestory Arc- ???

ScreechingOwl Arc-??? 


Favorite quotes:

"I care,but...i don't, not that much at all actually."

"What. The. FUCK?!"

"If you have your heart set on being a martyr then I'll shoulder the weight with you..."

"I don't fucking care!"

"What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!"

" That twisted delusion of grandeur.....I'll crush it with my right hand!"

"I have no problem killing you..."

"That delusion, I'll crush it."

"Your fate is more than your dreams don't let it delude reality, save it."

"People are allowed to save themselves not others, if you can't then all you have done is prolong the inevitable."

Fun facts:

- kevin is japanese and irish and falls under many irish stereotypes

- kevin is irish and his friend is called clover...HA wordplay.

- kevin has no chivalry and will punch anyone who is doing immoral actions

- kevin has a potty mouth

- kevins mom is irish

- kevin is dirty fighter

- kevin will always go into a fair fight with good ol fisticups

- kevin's middle name is nevlyn which is a girls name,but means "little holy saint" in irish, it was given by his mother.

- kevins middle name is a joke on him being androgynous 

- kevin, noel, and owen's middle initial spells out N.O.M the sound you mak when you eat xD

- a strange amount of women gather around kevin when he's drunk.

- :iconjacksepticeyeplz: : kevin, punch em in the face, LIKE A BOSS!! 

- clover now that i think about it, attracts tons of red heads.

Kimberly Brooks by neonthehedgehog123
Kimberly Brooks
(Till update :new: )

"I'm always been afriad,how can't i? But that's no excuse to be weak." - Kimberly brooks

Name: Kimberly Brooks (kem-brr-Lee brooks)

Age: 38 (i think, too lazy to look)


- look-a-like

- mommy bear

- Booby lady

- the drunk

- mom

- big boned

- "fat ass"

- bussom buddy

- Berserk button

Sex: female

Height: 5'8

Weight: "not telling you"

Sexual orientation: straight, heterosexual

Morality: chaotic good




Ramsey jackson (boyfriend)

Kevin n. cholins (step foster son)

Noel o. Cholins (step foster daughter)

Karen jackson (step daughter)


(None reported at the moment


Kimberly brooks is a chunky young woman dealing with the realization thats she has to be an adult and role model for her newly found broken family.
Although she herself has never had children she is determined not to mess up being what holds the family together.
Kim as a mother will do anything to keep all of them safe.


Kim is a very cheerful person....when shes not suffering from memory loss from all the massive hangovers she has basically everyday.
Its unknown whether she has a college education or highschool diploma but she isn't too dense and has a ton of common sense. Shes very supportive emotion wise and believe it or not shes one of the best motherly figures in the comic.
Some of the most comedic moments come from her and her interactions between the most serious of characters in this series.


Ramsey jackson:

Without getting too emotional and explicit there relation is like that of highschoolers even though they both are adults with one triumphing the other in age, like they share a mid life crisis, they seem to get along when ramsey isnt away at his job. Although she thinks he should spend more time with the kids to patch up the relation with kevin and noel.


Kevin cholins

Coming around the time kevin was in conflict with ramsey over erika, she came around at the best time giving kevin a emotional pillow and most importantly comfort as this is around the time his grades plumeted and he "changed". i guess you can say she saved him.
Kevin grew a huge attatchment to kim and formally accepts her as his motherly figure.

Noel cholins

She and noel get along well as they both sympathize with wanting people to care about them, obviously they give each other overwhelming care.

Karen jackson

Maybe the most difficult to come to terms with kim as apperently she believes shes only there to mirror her dead mother and calls kim the look alike considering kim has the same hair and skin complexion. Maybe its why ramsey loves ignore reality.

Clover flower

Clover often looks to kim for advice clover's own mother usually isn't able to supply. She plays as a role model despite her shakey introduction to her, besides minor conflictions with clovers obnoxious lifestyle she cares about her as much as her own children

Tatsuki gemini

After confirming her relation with erika jackson she had no reason to reject her not that she would in the first place, she appreciates tatsuki's drive to keep kevin from ditching school and how she stands up for him, she often tries to ship them more than they're comfortable with, but as long as "she influences him positively then I'll take it."

(Add more later)



Favorite quotes:
- " what are you all doing here?"
-" Nononono PLEASE DON'T GO, i need adult friends!"

- "fighhaa euurrgh"(drunk talk)

- " thats not a good thing, its just a very shiny turd, you can polish it and spray it but a turd is still a turd."(motivational advice)

- " *groan*"

- "KEVIN NEVLYN CHOLINS! Why are there so many girls coming out of your room?!"

- " i love you guys :iconcutieplz: "

- " obsequious? Oh u your FACE!! OH!"(makes no sense)

-" lonely? I have men lining up to get lost in these lovely love handles."

- " maybe one day, you'll have babs like mine, cheer up."

- "don't touch my babies!"
-" Woah wa happened to you?"

Fun facts: 
- kimberly's addition to the series is to promptly break the dead parents cliche.
- kimberly has gained alot of weight
- the midget teacher is older than kimberly
- Kimberly often associates herself as a "bear"
- kim perfers to be called "big boned"
- kimberly's pajamas are her main attire.
- kimberly owns a bat that manifest out of her tiny purse

- kimberly can't cook well

- kimberly has met some of this series strongest evilist foes and befriended them.

- Kimberly will have her own arc.

- Kimberly's favorite love intrest for kevin is tatsuki

- kimberly actually has a job.

- kimberly often complains about her life before meeting her new family....good luck decoding her giberish though.

Tyson Fellon by neonthehedgehog123
Tyson Fellon
(Bio till update)

"I never really get used to how tyson treats people, when you carelessly flaunt your emotins and love equally among "individuals" then ironically that just means no one's special to you." - kevin cholins on tysons flirtatious attitude.

Name: Tyson Fellon


- pervert

- blondicai

- operator

- delinquent 

- chick magnet 

Sex: male

Age: 15-16

Height: 5'7 1/2

Weight: 167lbs

Sexual orientation: heterosexual 

Select exam score: 34, deficiency 

Class rank: F


Father: (unknown)

Little sister: (mentioned)

Older sister: (mentioned)


A average teenage failure, the sly delinquent that goes to ascension high and goes goffing off with gangs of chicks, Kevin's much more popular friend the bleached blond.


Tyson is as pure to a teenager can get, he simply wants to have fun and have his head between your girls legs etc.
Although him and kevin acquired a brother like relationship and tyson is all around better with people he can't help but keep compensating for something he's lacking, this lack is what drew these two opposites
He is the best this seris has to cliche comedic slapstick.

Something seems off about his obsession.


- possibly multiple girls at ascension high.


(Till update)


-He has bleached hair

Fave quotes:

(Till update)

Fun facts:

(Till update)


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