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Welcome to the home of the "White Lies" or I.T.A.W.L OR "Is This A White Lie?" series. feed your meat glasses as they venture on a journey to the most awful things the corners of my mind can create.

please enjoy!

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things a like or are inspired by u people have talent


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You want a critique well let me be the first to do so. i don't sugar coat, so get ready.... so first of all....WELCOME BACK xD so what ...

I don't know what's going on by BACONBLOODSTRIKE

since you want one i will give one be aware that i do not sugar coat first of all i like this type of art style,it's clean and very int...

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i like this,i can't say much about it though. vision: well it's obvious where this comes from, this i from the song that you obviously ...


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name? My name is...JOHN CENA!!!!
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a anime artist developing his own manga in process, i hope we can become friends.

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(for mainly my use to make uploading bios easier)

"Add moral quote"

- "character establishing quote"







Sexual orientation:

Select exam IQ score: 

Class rank: (ranks S- F)


Status: (alive,dead, etc)

Type: (abnormality type)



Likes/hates: + for likes - for hates




Relations: (lovers/children)


Abnormalites: (apparition affliction)

Arcs: arcs character is present in

Lazarus Arc- ???

SileoTebel Arc- ???

WhiteLies Arc- ???

Vermilion Arc- ???

Fakestory Arc- ???

ScreechingOwl Arc-??? 


Favorite quotes:

Fun facts:


This is mostly to make uploading my bios easier, not for everyones use.

Journal History


White lies chapter 2 page 3 by neonthehedgehog123
White lies chapter 2 page 3
Sorry fo such a long wait but i finally can get back to uploading pages, sorry the few people i killed with bios but i needed them at some point, expect another page this weekend.

If you need recaping just go to my group and read there.
Total re-call by neonthehedgehog123
Total re-call
The main protag of my web comic being uploaded alongside white lies, called ashes to ashes may or may not stay the title.

"The pen is stronger than the sword...."

- Total RE-call

Name: -classified-


-Total recall

- Toto

- Richard

Sex: male

Age: 19

Height: 5'11

Weight: idk

Sexual orientation: heterosexual

Select exam IQ score:???

Class rank: (ranks S- F) ???

Morality: lawful neutral

Status: (alive,dead, etc) alive

Type: (abnormality type) esper

Abilities: esper

Mental out- the ability to manifest art as weapons. A process which requires a book to tear sheets of paper out of such as a drawing book or magazine and utilize it as a physical material.

Experience in CQC- has experience in fighting up close and making last second decisions.

Above average physique- is strong enough to overpower another man twice his age.

Negotiation skills- kinda speaks for itself.

Clairvoyance- ability to come in contact with supernatural forces.

Artist- for his ability being able to create your own weapon comes in handy.

Weapon roulette- note books carried as ammo, randomly ripping out a page gives a random weapon but orginized by book.

Pencil and paper- will often draw a weapon designed for the situation, given enough time.


High frequencies- any espers worst nightmare,as a esper high frequencies can scatter brainwaves used to activate esper powers, this is their most crippling power so expect them to have a back up plan for it.

Glasses- is legally blind without them,expect a back up.

Abuse of abilities- abusing esper abilities can cause massive trauma.

Destruction of books- destroy his ammo

Likes/hates: (+ for likes - for hates)






Is a reserved person only interfering if he feels the need to, he often does things other would do for another justification. For example if a child was lost he would find them in promise of a reward whereas a regular person would be helpful.

Relations: (lovers/children)


Abnormalites: (apparition affliction)


Arcs: arcs character is present in

Lazarus Arc- ???

SileoTebel Arc- ???

WhiteLies Arc- ???

Vermilion Arc- ???

Fakestory Arc- "All good things come to a end, dying in battle just to have my name announced in glory."

ScreechingOwl Arc-??? 


Favorite quotes:

- " This isn't my war but for the right price..."

- " your gonna break my spine that way!"

- " if i had to describe a esper headache it would feel like a truck running over your penis 11 times."

- " I'm tired woman!"

- " so...your the magician i was sent to kill...? Sorry but on any other day you would be fine with me."

Fun facts:

Started off as a self portrait, though i changed it alot.

Will show up in "white lies"


A narrow head

Red eyes

White eye effect

Most of his abilities.
the esper 5 by neonthehedgehog123
the esper 5
(edit bio's, added tice's bio and quote for mental out)

The promo for my next comic ashes to ashes

From the bet of anime.

I'm so proud of those characters including the added character my cousin made called tice.

from left to right(first five)

code name:
-surround sound-
age: 14

sex: female

ethnicity: African american

quotes: "........"

power: ability to manifest objects that make noise by touching her mic with her tongue.

weakness: sound disruption, no mic, extreme stress on brainwaves.

bio: is the youngest and 2nd most powerful of the espers that too the place of the pw's in the world war 3. in her group she is the most irrational due to her naive attitude towards the war she was drafted in making her a very friendly enemy to those of different fractions but even though she has a need to stop the fighting she is mute and can't talk without paper, she is considered the baby of the group and everyone has seen taking care of her at some point.

fun facts:
-without her rubber band she has been constantly confused with a mop or shaggy dog.
-in her pockets it seems as though she carries a uncomfortable amount of random objects, including bacon in a bag which she shares with the catatonic "I.D color" and unlimited paper.
-her hand writing is sloppy and rushed not to mention she writes her "e's" and "f's" backwards
-she spells microphone wrong no matter if you show her how to...."mycritfone"
-she is one of the four people in the entire series to own a neon toy (in the young clover picture) with another being clover.
-her jacket and shirt is to big thus she tucks in her shirt and wears her jacket as a cape.
- her tongue will almost always be on the outside of her mouth.


code name

age: 17

sex: male

ethnicity: African american

quotes: "AH!......damn it." "so.....uh....what do we do about her?"-regarding mirai "

powers: manipulation over the gravity of others/and or objects, top notch fighting skills.

weakness: sound disruption(is less likely to be affected do to headphones that i forgot to draw in) easy to mentally damage due to heavy strain on powers, no sense of direction when i unfamiliar places. guilt of former teammates.

bio: force play was assigned to be with the esper 5 because the other team was accidentally killed due to not being able to control of his power he tries not to let it bother him(he's the reason they had to find new espers), but since the other esper's(other than the five you see) constantly remind him not to screw up placing him to usually try to hard to prove them wrong, although he has been in war longer them most he doesn't take lead and leaves the decision to be anonymous and will not decide a plan due to hesitation and a bad past he always ask what to do instead of doing whats comes to mind, one day he hopes they can forgive him for getting them dragged in to which surround sound already has.

fun facts
-the creator of this character was where the original story for neon came from, just a goofy talk about a fangame with the main character being sonic's son, this character gave birth to the neon today, this idea for a fan game has been put into the innovation city TV series "neon ivory tower" to which many character are fans of.
-the friend of all the main protagonist are all taller than the main protagonist(tyson taller than kevin,force play is taller than mental out, orenji is taller than clover etc)


code name
-mental out-(changed to total recall)

age: 17

sex: male

ethnicity: African american

quotes: "huh, what was that?" "....fine" "do...i look that mean?!"

power: ability to create objects using other objects mentally through paper (sorta like alchemy but not) incredible uncertain strategist

weakness: self doubt, no pencil or paper, no pre-ready weapon, shattered glasses.

bio: at the age of 16 he was drafted from his family in innovation city along with his friend because of their highly useful psychic abilities, mental out's only goal was to manage to make it home from the war he was drafted in safe along with his friend but due to heavy involvement to watch over a captured foe has been put in his care to watch and protect he cannot leave anytime soon making him sour towards other soldiers and higher ups, mental out is relatively a simple guy that won't admit it but has a irresistible attraction to "thick" or highly intelligent girls...simply that but do to his permanent  frown can't really show affection by smiling to well in fact he only smiles naturally a few times and is attached to his friend and insist they stick together and avoid attachment to other soldiers.

fun facts:
- mental out's face is based off mine, and glasses that i don't wear.
- has a soft spot for children, almost never denies surround sound what she wants, this has lead people to think that she is his sister.
- is somewhat religious
- the magic council is afraid of him
- play girl bunnies drive him crazy
- mental outs theme is "star of the story" which is my dads favorite album record.
- mental out is the tallest of the three male protagonist (kevin being the shortest)
- likes love stories.


code name 
-heavy metal-

age: 17

sex: female

ethnicity: African american

quotes: "your super open!"..."maybe that was a super mistake..." " omGGEEE!! she's super adorable!"-to surround sound

powers: slight telekinetic power, polarity over metals such as titanium and  tungsten, huge metallic hands that are the size of cars that extend from her forearms and are controlled through the metal screws in her spine 

weakness: sound disruption, malfunctioning screws, destruction of hands(which is highly unlikely give they are made of the strongest metals on the planet) surround sound's cuteness

bio: she comes from a family that was close to mental outs, as if it was fate for the two to travel together she was also a esper at birth being snatched and drafted when old enough along with mental out, even though she see's that they are being used as weapons she wants to help all the other esper's she met ironically getting attached to the cause of ending the war. unlike anyone she has managed to get a smile out of mental out that wasn't forced or awkward placed and has a naturally good aura that makes people feel better.
but due to this seemingly infinite excitement she is highly and accidentally destructive to others and her surroundings...hopefully she prays that one day her and the other espers can walk away from the war together.

fun facts:
-she is the only esper to change her hair style multiple times.
- she gets jealous around mirai.
- 2nd best at hand to hand, the first being tice
- when ever she has been away from mental out for a while she head butts any part of his body randomly let him know of her presence, "she has be doing this since she and him were babies" mental out states, thus she has a "hard head"
-she constantly jokes about going "commando".
- she acts as though she can hear I.D color talk, to which she does little of.
- it's hinted that "super" is her favorite word.


-I.D color-

 age 15


ethnicity: African american

quotes: "..........." "........?" "......!" "......*grunt*..."

powers: is able to sense the presence or aura of any person and sense their intent (except kevin) is able to sense a escape path and "speak" through telepathy can't swim but can float in any body of water.

weakness: isn't capable of moving on her own and she NEVER blinks or closes her eye's and is catatonic to anyone talking to her, narcolepsy(falls asleep at any moment) this makes it hard to tell if she's awake because she sleeps with her eye's open. 

bio: not much is known about the girl except that she agreed to fight in the war, but due to her ability but lack of effort could not be used in combat but as a look out she is extremely quiet and never speaks similar to surround sound except she isn't mute or deaf,just silent, she has been seen to care alot about surround sound cause she shares foods and is always seen around her despite they never say anything to each other(or is never seen to) she doesn't show much expression and has the same facial expression no matter what she is doing or what happened and her random sleeping problem isn't much help.

fun facts:
-she has the easiest face to draw
- is the worst fighter of all the espers
- she notices that kevin has no aura visible
- heavy metal uses her as a manikin
- her hair is naturally honey blonde
- her power gives the least amount of strain 
- surround sound is protective of her
- she has saved them from morality breaker multiple times
- she was seen carrying the fallen asleep surround sound to bed once.
10 Espers by neonthehedgehog123
10 Espers
10 espers on this page.

I'll post the names of the new ones later.
Till the edit update.


OKAY you guys already know the other five so lets start from the left with the ones we haven't seen

- Virgina slim-(might change due to copyright of the name "Virgina slim"

age: 22

sex: male

ethnicity: white

quotes:  "so these are the new kids eh?" "i don't like hitting women but...." "cigarettes are bad for you"-to surround sound who attempted to smoke one. "cough cough, jesus keep doin this and i'm gonna die before thirty..hahaha"

powers: when inhaling chemicals from smoke and ash he can to put it simply.....breath fire he can change the temperature depending on how much he inhales from harmless starter fuel to active volcano of course there are extremely negative side affects.

weakness: water obviously, wet or no cigarettes(considering he needs them to fight he will be carrying more than a factory can make) stress on brain waves. sibling.

bio: grew up in a orphanage, due to being one of the yearly born indigo children in the late early years of 2024-2030 he was drafted with his brother to train and fight against the magicians for the 3rd world war.(the info below is hidden)

fun facts:
-the idea for this came from my dad who caught me burping and said i "smelled like a dragon breathing fire" the idea for cigarettes as power source came from my mom who smokes the "virgina slim" brand all day long.

- he has a country accent.

-the brothers are someone based of mario and luigi.

- 1 up -

age: 23

sex: male

ethnicity: white

quotes:....."*raises eyebrow*"  "munch""munch""munch"    "......T_T....*surround sound walks in* \(0u0\)...."

powers: when ingesting plants(such as mushrooms....;D see what i did there) he can change his body mass from fat to extremely muscular,sometimes growing in size, he can be used as a wrecking ball or cushion or plain obstacle. this has shown strain on him but he seemingly reacts well to it.

weakness: well, small rooms are his weakness, moving is his weakness as well as he is obese and can't move easily without his powers. the guy is a human snorelax.

bio: he is virgina slim's brother, he usually follows him around and does whatever he says, if given good enough reason he will maybe even betray someone for his brother. but most likely his story is the same as virgina's.

fun facts:
- he is incredibly smart, and when he does talk no one understands him because he uses big words, this usually annoys everyone but surround sound.

- 1 up and DA DO...DO *GAME STARTS*

- it took 4 years to make clothing that fit him that didn't rip immediately after using his powers

- this guy can ground pound.

*on 1 up's shoulder*

-double edge-

age: 20

sex: female

ethnicity: chinese

quotes: " i....i don't do well with kids, g-get her away from me..."- her to surround sound attempting to escape her "cute ray" "your a artist too huh?.." "i will show you the difference between me and you..."-unsheathing her blade activating her ability ready to slaughter 15 magicians as mental out watches in conflict.
"eh-HAHAHAha!!"-her Doppler ganger as it slays a magician. "the dopple has a rather..ugly way of fighting...unprofessional, i hate it."

powers: double edge sounds just like you hear it, she uses a samurai blade engraved with the word "Jiéjìng" which is Chinese for "cleanse". for some reason the unsheathing of her blade can activate her abilities and she can split into two at will giving her a split second of invulnerability causing confusion,met her Doppler which has a very violent way of swinging "the cleanse" which differs from her own cool and collected way of swinging
the way they fight. do to keeping this wicked beast secret she almost never unsheathes her sword when fighting unless told to do so or is in danger of dying.

double edge

- won't unsheathes her blade unless she is using it in a combination with a object, usually swing with both hands(like kendo)and is very precise and will often easily cut off limbs if given the opening, usually cuts above the shoulders downward, uses surroundings to advantage.


her dopple ganger- will run rather faster than her keeping close to the ground and usually swings with one hand (like one would do with a regular non traditional sword,very ugly) upward from the ground, she can only make contact if double edge's "cleanse" touches something first other wise she will go through the opponent and disappear only to separate from double edge again in a attempt to attack someone. she almost never gets a clean cut, it's sword will usually get stuck in he opponent forcing it to yank it the rest of the way through rather painfully, she will often jump and cut someone more than once not to mention it looks rather psychotic.

weakness: take away her blade and open it, she will exhaust from the natural esper weakness of straining one's brain waves, be warned as she can still separate even without her blade. children, she won't dare strike a child nor will she murder in front of one, sentimental, she is very sentimental and is very loyal,hedgehogs dilemma- in fear of hurting others by getting close, she will often seclude herself, hatred of magicians, it's her berserk button.

bio: she was saved by a soldier in the mist of world war 3, due to losing her parents in conflict she comes to find that her family is apart of a long line of espers who all have once used "the cleanse" as a weapon to clean the wicked of sin, it is said anyone killed by "the cleanse" will go to heaven rid of their sins, so after becoming a well trained soldier and professional swordsmen she stated that she will forgive the sins of the magicians to her family by cleansing their sins with her blade. she seems to truly believe those killed by her sword are led to heavens gate.

fun facts:

- she considers herself a artist but can't draw worth shit.

- she is a rather tall classy woman and wheres a skirt long enough to trip over

- she has had her sword rapidly unsheathed and sheathed by surround sound in the background to explain her powers in a clever way, it's quite hilarious.

- due to surround sound's rather too friendly nature, she also baby's her with whatever she want's just like "mental out"

- she likes to sit on 1 up's shoulder.

the guy with the hat

-no hands-

age: 24

sex: male

ethnicity: white?

quotes: "woah whoa WHOA! watch where you point that thing!"-referring to double edge  "....why won't you just SHUT UP!!"-frustrated with heavy metals use of the word "super". "i...GIIIIIVEEE UPPPPPPP!"-joking while pretending to take damage. "OW wowowowow"-taking actual damage. " do you have any idea how long it took to clean this suit! this is a new suit!" -to 1 up who is eating sloppily. "okaaaaaaayyyy....please, try your woooorst" *bows*- when fighting  "i won't even have to lay a hand on you." "SHHHHHIIIIING!"-when pulling out a knife.

powers: no hands fights hands apparently, he has nearly invisible hands that only appear when he opens his eye's, this is usually a give away to him activatiing is powers so he usually covers his eye's with his hat and lets his invisible hands do the fighting, they can block nearly anything and people can indeed touch and pull them.

weakness: he hasn't been exploited for a weakness yet, in fact no one has even seen him get headaches or nose bleeds do to mental strain, it's almost like he has no weakness. but it is assumed sound frequencies work on him because he is a esper.

bio: -classified-

fun facts: 

- he is unaffected by surround sounds cute ray.

- he is never seen without that hat and even fights holding it on his head his sister is also his twin, guest we should expect him to look like her.

- he is the strongest of the veteran esper's

- he is a huge troll, and acts rather childish

- he also like to pretend I.D color can talk.

- he is always wearing a suit.

- hubba bubba-

age: 24

sex: female?

ethnicity: white?

quotes: "you wouldn't hit such a beautiful lady would you...?" "...*gasp....nnnNNNNHHHHOOOOOOOO! I BROKE A NAIL!! TnT" "girls don't like boys that are rough with them ya know...."-referring to kevin who punched her square in the face. "oops did i miss that detail? sorry ehehe" "you need to straighten this mop on your head, you would look SO lovely,like me!"-to surround sound attempting to flat iron her hair. "your frowns make baby's cry four eye's"- to mental out

powers: she can morph her own genetics at will and change how she looks, and much like gum she is mold-able, squeeze her and she will squish, she can even detach own body parts and and chew them which is a habit of hers. she often switches to people she has seen before, doing her best to copy them which she is never perfect act doing also if she turns her powers off while she has a detached body part.......well you know what happens.

weakness: she can't stand the cold and will freeze solid in high temperatures, she is allergic to peanut butter, and she is extremely narcissistic, ruin her looks and she will be angry! natural esper weakness.

bio: -classified-

fun facts:

- she is very manipulative and flirtatious, often flirting with people younger than her to get them to do what she wants

- when she jelly-fies she tends to shout extremely perverted things like "get your thing outta me" and other things...

- she morphs alot and if she turns off her power while morphed as someone else she will stay that way, so it may be a lie that she is "no hand's" twin.

- no one knows what she really looks like, maybe not even her "brother"

-......she may not even be a woman.....

- she has met kevin.....and pissed him off apparently.

- when she is hit she often bends into the shape of the object, she still feels pain.

- when she is hot her powers activate randomly and she starts to literally melt, it's kinda gross considering someone can literally get some of her on them by then.


please guys tell me what you think of these bio's.
Ashes to ashes... by neonthehedgehog123
Ashes to ashes...
A century after world war 3, magic ideals and religious faith have clashed once again with science caught in the middle with the international troubles engulfing innovation city,the city throws in their defense, the birth of the E.S.P.E.R's

I'm back guys and I got a ton of stuff to uploadas well as the start of the magic story in "White Lies" with the main character being drafted to war.

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